Random thoughts I had….

Why don’t we make bras for bollocks?

Why don’t we tell the guys they need to have gravity defying sacks?

Why aren’t bollockoplasties a thing?

Why aren’t men pushed to have thigh gaps and instead get to have love handles?

Why do men get to be silver foxes and not women?

Why do men get to keep their body hair?

Why is women’s body hair depicted as so shameful that even when shaving products are advertised the women’s legs are hair free BEFORE they are shaved!?

Why do men get to wear their normal faces without scrutiny or being told they are being so “brave”

80% of women have stretchmarks yet you won’t ever see any on TV or in adverts.

Why are we supposed to “contour” our faces now? Ugggh ugly women going around with their fat faces! sort it out ladies.

Why are we supposed to be discreet about our periods? Fuck that, I am going to take a foghorn out with me every month, maybe put a notice in the paper and throw a fucking chocolate party, where everyone brings me Thorntons as I sit in my PJs.

Why are periods so shameful that ads use blue water?

Why do we pay tax for sanitary products, why are mostly men running these companies for women’s bodies?

Why are boobs considered news?


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